The registration for the competition 2019 is closed. However, you can register for the next round of the competition in 2020.

German Innovation Award 2020

Download of the 2019 announcement documents (PDF)

Your path

to a German Innovation Award

The judges of the German Innovation Awards look for compelling details, processes and products that make a distinctive impact and add tangible value. 

Companies from all industries and sectors, as well as non-commercial and governmental organisations from around the world, are eligible to submit a project to the German Design Awards. The various German Design Council panels of experts will decide which organisations are eligible to enter the competition. This procedure will ensure the independence and excellence of the awards.

With the German Innovation Awards, the German Design Council supports and promotes innovation in German industry. 

  • 1. How to make a submission
    • The German Design Council nominates companies, on a rolling basis, that are notable for their innovative capabilities. If your project is nominated, you will receive written notification in this regard, which will include a login name, password and project ID. You can then proceed to register your project at our registration portal My Design Council. The registration is binding.
      The project you are submitting needs to have been released or launched within the last five years. You can register your project in up to three of the categories for which your project was nominated.

      Companies can also, if they wish, register their projects for the competition directly and on their own initiative via My Design Council. After being vetted by our panels of experts, you will receive written notification from the German Design Council as to whether your project meets the mandated criteria and has thus been accepted for participation in the German Design Awards.
      If your project is not accepted, you will of course also be notified, and you will not incur a service charge.

      You’ll find information here about the competition categories and the relevant fees and services.
  • 2. Vetting and participation criteria
    • All submissions that are received by the deadline and meet all of the mandated formal requirements will be submitted to the jury. The vetting (i.e. acceptance) criteria include the following (without limitation):

      User benefits, innovation strategy, social, ecological and economic sustainability, Functionality and ease of use, synergy effects, economic efficiency, the extent to which energy and resource use are taken into account, location and employment potential, longevity and quality, overall concept, market maturity, technical quality and functionality, technological progress, sustainability

      Please note that the list above is not a hierarchical list pertaining to criteria and vetting, i.e. the jury is free to weight the various criteria as it sees fit. The jury also reserves the right to switch a project from one category to another. You will receive written notification of the jury’s decision. Any litigation in connection with this contest is excluded. You will find further information in our announcement documents.
  • 3. Awarding of the prizes
    • The German Design Awards will be bestowed at an awards ceremony in Berlin on 28 May 2019.

Download of the announcement documents (PDF)


01.02.2019 Deadline for application
28.05.2019 Awards ceremony German Innovation Award 2019

Your benefits

  • Comprehensive marketing services
    • The winners receive a marketing package consisting of the relevant label (with the right to unlimited use), the catalogue, presentation in the online gallery, a certificate, a trophy (Gold Award), press work and PR activities.
  • Far-reaching communication
    • Winners benefit from the far-reaching communication of the German Design Council.
  • Successful positioning in the market
    • By using the German Innovation Awards label, you clearly communicate the standards of excellence in your company to customers as well as employees.
  • Unique network
    • As a winner, you join a unique network of decision-makers, marketing managers and innovators.
  • Link in the online gallery
    • In online marketing you can rely on a strong partner when you create a link to your corporate website in the online gallery of the German Innovation Awards.  


Proposing an innovation for nomination

The competition


The 2019 German Innovation Awards will be granted in two classes.
In the »Excellence in Business to Consumer« and »Excellence in Business to Business categories«, the jury will bestow one Gold and up to ten Winner awards. The jury will also grant Special-Mention awards for specific aspects of product innovation.


  • Excellence in Business to Consumer
    • Beauty & Care f.ex. Body care, cosmetics, wellness
      Drugstore Products f.ex. Drugstore articles, hygiene
      E-Business f.ex. E-Commerce Systems
      E-Mobility f.ex. Electric mobility
      Entertainment Electronics f.ex. Consumer electronics, TV, audio, video, photo, accessories
      Fashion f.ex. Clothing, shoes, accessories
      Food & Beverages f.ex. Food, beverages
      Gardening & Tools f.ex. Garden equipment, garden maintenance, tools, tool equipment
      Heating & Bathroom f.ex. Bathroom and sanitary, heating, air-conditioning and energy technology
      Household Appliances f.ex. Household appliances, large electrical appliances, household goods
      Interior & Living f.ex.Furniture, wall and ceiling cladding, floor coverings
      Kids & Toys f.ex. Games, toys, children's products
      Kitchen f.ex. Kitchens, electrical appliances, kitchen accessories, cooking utensils
      Leisure & Crafts f.ex. Leisure articles, hobby and craft supplies, musical instruments
      Lighting f.ex. Luminaries, illuminant
      Luxury f.ex. exclusive products, luxury articles
      Medical & Health f.ex. Pharmaceuticals, rehabilitation and care
      Office & Stationery f.ex. Paper, office supplies, stationery
      Public Space f.ex.Street appurtenances, advertising technology, security systems, sanitary equipment for public facilities
      Smart Living f.ex. Smart Metering, Smart Home
      Transportation f.ex. Automobility, bicycles, motorcycles, vehicle accessories and mobility service providers
      Travel, Sports & Outdoor Goods f.ex. Sports equipment and products, sportswear, bags, suitcases, travel utensils
  • Excellence in Business to Business
    • Automotive Technologies f.ex. Mobility technologies, vehicle and component development, vehicle safety
      Aviation, Maritime & Railway f.ex.Aviation and space travel technology, shipbuilding and maritime technology, rail vehicles, vehicles for public transportation
      Building & Elements f.ex. Building materials, building elements, paints, insulation, windows, building automation
      Chemical Industry f.ex. Fine Chemistry, Specialty Chemistry
      Connectivity f.ex. IoT, Industry 4.0
      E-Mobility Technologies f.ex. Systems, products and components for electromobility
      Electronic Technologies f.ex. Automation, measurement technology, sensor technology
      Energy Solutions f.ex. Renewable energy systems, energy generation, heating and cooling technology
      Information Technologies | Functional Softwares f.ex.Cloud solutions, data analytics, process management and production software, cyber security, virtual reality, sales and CRM solutions, education technologies
      Information Technologies | Industry Specific and Service Softwares f.ex.Financial technologies, smart facility, geospatial und touristic related technologies, gaming und media, product- und service software
      Lighting Solutions f.ex. Light sources, lighting technology, projection, light management
      Logistics & Infrastructure f.ex. Passenger and freight traffic, storage, packaging
      Machines & Engineering f.ex. Capital goods, mechanics, processes and manufacturing techniques, robotics
      Materials & Surfaces f.ex. High performance materials and coatings
      Medical Technologies f.ex. Medical technology, medical supplies, medical devices
      Office Solutions f.ex.Office supplies, business process and office technologies
      Pharmaceuticals f.ex. Pharmaceutical products, laboratory equipment
      Retail & Trade Solutions f.ex. Business equipment, display systems, gastronomy, hotel industry
  • Design Thinking
    • Apart from the opportunity to register projects under the categories listed above, all projects can also be registered under the overarching category called Design Thinking.
      Eligible projects are those that strive for innovation through more agile innovation methods such as design thinking, scrum, lean start-up or sprinting. That said, what we are primarily looking for are innovative achievements whose primary aim is to incorporate the relevant stakeholders into the development process and whose results prominently feature user-centricity. Projects that document the decisive difference between agile and participatory development processes have a shot at winning this very special prize.

*Projects can be registered in up to three categories of a competition class

Service fees

for winners

  • Nominee Package*
    • With the Nominee Package you can use the Nominee label immediately and without restrictions; a selection of exclusive marketing measures is available to you - such as acrylic glass certificates and cuboids made of acrylic glass. You will also receive two personalised Nominee certificates.
    • Costs Nominee Package: € 1,950.00**
  • Participation fees
    • Registration for the competition per submission

      € 395.00

      Registration Early Bird until 7 December 2018

      € 349.00

      Organizational lump sum for the preparation of
      digital works for the jury meeting per submission

      € 100.00

  • Special Mention
    • The award includes:
    • Reception of your personal certificate at the award ceremony and possibility for a professional individual photo
    • Basic press and social media work around the German Innovation Award
    • one-page representation in the catalogue with a short text and photo as well as contact details
    • presentation in the online gallery with a short text and photo as well as contact data (with a run-time of three years)
    • exclusive access to the marketing services around the German Innovation Award
    • two personalized winning certificates
    • Unrestricted use of the Special Mention label for your communication measures (from the embargo period)
    • Costs Special Mention: € 3,150.00**
  • Winner
    • The award includes:
    • Unrestricted use of the Winner label for your communication measures (from the embargo period)
    • two personalized winners certificates
    • exclusive access to the marketing services for the German Innovation Award
    • Display in the online gallery with a short text and photo as well as contact details (with a run-time of three years)
    • One-page representation in the catalogue with a short text and photo as well as contact details
    • Sector-specific press and social media work for the German Innovation Award
    • Reception of your personal certificate at the award ceremony and possibility for a professional individual photo
    • Costs Winner: € 3,450.00**
  • Gold
    • The award includes:
    • Unrestricted use of the Gold label for your communication measures (from the embargo period)

    • two personalized winners certificates

    • exclusive access to the marketing services for the German Innovation Award

    • Display in the online gallery with a short text and photo and a detailed jury statement as well as contact details (with a run-time of three years)

    • Two-page presentation in the catalogue with a short text, photo and a detailed jury statement as well as contact details.

    • Industry-specific and cross-sector press and social media work for the German Innovation Award 2018 as well as pre-formulated modules for your press work.
    • Reception of your personal certificate and presentation of the prize sculpture on stage as well as the possibility of a professional individual photo.
    • Costs Gold: € 4,450.00**
  • Our financial support programme
    • The German Design Council offers all SMEs, freelancers and business startups the opportunity to apply for a waiver of the service charges for winners. These waivers will be granted on the basis of financial need. In order to qualify, your annual revenue for the past two years must be €50,000 or less. Your application must be received by the German Design Council by 7 January 2019. You can download an the application form here.

* optionally bookable
**All data are valid per submitted contribution and plus the legally valid value-added tax

Download the announcement documents (PDF)

The perfect


All 2019 German Innovation Awards applications must be submitted digitally.

You can submit your project as a video, PDF file or in any of the following formats: GIF, JPEG, TIFF, PDF, MPEG4, QuickTime, AVI or MOV. PDF files are not to be more than 15 pages long. Videos are not to be longer than 180 seconds, and video files are not to be larger than 100 MB. You are also free to complete the guide for a perfect submission in a manner that best showcases your submission for the jury. You’ll receive the guide with the confirmation of receipt of your submission.

You can send in your submission via USB stick or CD/DVD, or you can upload it to your own FTP or to for us to download.

All data must be clearly labelled with your assigned project ID and must be received by the German Design Council by 6 February 2019.

Guide to the perfect submission (PDF)